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Andre Cepeda


Andre Cepeda is an experienced entrepreneur and sales manager who brings a wealth of connections and ideas to his clients. Andre brings to Lotus over 18 years of sales experience in the education and medical field . He began his career in education sales at McGraw-Hill and since then has successfully brokered multi-million dollar sales deals from government entities to private and public businesses.

Andre founded Lotus Connect to help small and large business play on the same field when it came to securing medical supply and PPE. He wanted to create a company that focus’s on its network’s and client’s so that they all have access to the same line of product when made available. With his personal connections to over 20 different manufacturing company he wanted to help by providing companies with access to hard to obtain equipment and supplies..

PPE for Everyday and Anywhere


We've distributed medical supplies to over 8 states throughout the country.

After re-entering our workspace after Phase II, we were desperate to find an easy supply of masks for our team. Lotus Connect was an easy choice because they always come through with the products we need.

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